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Kombucha may no longer be an alien beverage to many health enthusiasts out there but have you heard of switchel?

Better yet, tropical fruit switchel?

Well, as switchel has a long history dated back in the 17th century but tropical fruit switchel is definitely the new fermented drink in the market and its set to be the next fad!

Formulated and perfected by a Malaysian beverage company, Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd, the Sparkling Switchel is here to offer you an invigorating experience with a zing in each drop. Using only the best original super tropical fruits from the Asian region, incorporated with naturally fermented tropical fruits and grain vinegar. Sparkling Switchel by Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd promise to tickle your taste buds with its flavour, and refreshing bubbliness!

Better yet, as a pledge to help keep the planet green, Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd only uses FDA approved aluminium bottles which are recyclable!

The new Sparkling Switchel by Craft and Fuse is a drink not to be missed as it is skillfully blended delicately to integrate health and delectability.

Enjoying your delicious glass of the new Sparkling Switchel by Craft and Fuse?
Getting the invigorating kick from the bubbly and fruity freshness?
Well, what you are going to learn about new Sparkling Switchel by Craft and Fuse is going to be even more amazing! Let’s take a peek below:
Promote Digestion
Thanks to the good bacteria from the fermentation of the natural tropical fruit juice which act as probiotic, problems like bloating, gas and diarrhoea can be reduced. In the long run, it can help ease irritable bowel syndrome which can be pretty common among some of us.
Super antioxidants
Tropical fruits incorporated with Stevia immediately doubles the antioxidant powers. This is especially helpful in preventing cancer, ageing and even cardiovascular diseases.
Immune Booster
With high vitamin C content from the delicious original tropical fruits and Stevia, a daily dose of the new Sparkling Switchelby Craft and Fuse is sure to keep your immune system up and ready for combat!
Electrolyte Balance
Containing the precise quantity of essential minerals, you can consider the new Sparkling Switchel by Craft and Fuse as your natural isotonic energy drink. This delightful beverage is here to help balance the body electrolyte by replacing water and mineral salts that you’ve lost during arduous activities. This will definitely keep you recharged!

Using 100% original and authentic tropical fruits and the natural vinegar fermented from it, you can put a safe bet that every single sip of the new Sparkling Switchel by Craft and Fuse is full of healthy goodness!



 Tropical fruits from the top sustainable farms in Malaysia were harvested.

 Tropical fruits to be chosen must undergo thorough scrutiny to ensure that they are just about to ripe and are not spoilt.
 Selected tropical fruits are cleaned and rinsed thoroughly with sterilised water under control temperature.

 This is to remove any debris or dirt that may be stuck on the skin



 All the clean tropical fruits will then be sent to a special blender which is sterilised.

 Fruits will be blended into a homogenised pulp to aid the fermentation process.
 The rich blended pulp is then mixed with Stevia for a natural sweetness.

 Extra naturally fermented grain vinegar with the mother is added to promote fermentation of the natural tropical fruits under optimal and sterilised conditions.

 All natural tropical fruits switchel produced is then carbonated for the delightful fizziness.



 The bubbly tropical fruit switchel into the colourful sterilised aluminium bottles.

 All aluminium bottles are properly sealed to prevent explosion due to the pressure from the gassiness.
 Each bottle of Sparkling Switchel is then given a specific code that determines the shelf-life and batches.

 Each aluminium bottle is checked for the final time to ensure that it is in perfect condition with no dents and damages.



 Finally, the yummy Sparkling Switchel is all set to be delivered and distributed all over Asia and ready to be enjoyed just like that.

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