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With fermented drinks being the new craze among health enthusiasts, the traditional switchel, dated back to 17th
century, is now becoming the next most anticipated health drink. Many are sworn by its refreshing flavour and health benefit.

In the light of this, Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd, a homegrown beverage company has successfully formulated and
perfected the recipe by using only selected tropical super fruits, naturally and mildly sweetened with Stevia to appease
the taste buds and augment all the health benefits with the addition of Tiger Milk Mushroom, a natural treasure of Malaysia.

The brand new fortified Sparkling Tropical Switches by Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd IS the next trendy health beverage,
taking over all its predecessor in every way!
Containing precise quantity of essential minerals, the brand new fortified Sparkling Tropical Switches by Craft andFuse Sdn Bhd does not only act as a delightful bubbly isotonic drink, but it also work as a potent health booster!

Let’s take a look on how the brand new fortified Sparkling Tropical Switchel by Craft and Fuse Sdn Bhd is going to double its action!

Promotes digestion and protects your liver
Good enzymes from the natural tropical fruit juice act as probiotic to ward of problems like bloating,gas and diarrhoea.
In the long run, it helps to ease irritable bowel syndrome which is common digestive complication 
among some of us.
Now with the essence from Tiger Milk Mushroom, this bubbly health drink can also stop fatty liver
and thus protect our liver from severe problems like cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Fortified Super-duper source of antioxidants
Tropical fruits incorporated with Stevia immediately doubles the antioxidant powers.
With the infusion Tiger Milk 
Mushroom extract, the brand new fortified Sparkling Tropical Switchel is almost an elixir!
Rich with antioxidants, this powerful beverage is all set to combat free radicals that causes aging to killing cancer cells
and put a stop to their proliferation.
Even better, with the presence of Tiger Milk Mushroom, even a growing tumour 
can even be halted!
That is how stupendous the antioxidants will work in each bottle of fortified bubbly Sparkling Tropical Switchel!

Immune Booster and Anti pathogens
With high vitamin C content from the delicious original tropical super fruits and Stevia as well as the antibacterial,
antifungal and antivirus properties of the Tiger Milk Mushroom, the brand new fortified Sparkling Tropical Switchel by
Craft and Fuse is here to keep you immune system all set for combat and keep infections of pathogens at bay.
better, this brand new fortified beverage can promote healthy wound healing and even stop viral actions from the
Human papillomavirus HPV as well as dengue virus, all thanks to the super ingredient, the Tiger Milk Mushroom!

Keeps your heart and mind healthy
A concoction from the selected tropical super fruit, coupled with original Stevia leaves and enhanced with Tiger Milk
Mushroom extract, the brand new and fortified Sparkling Tropical Switchel by Craft and Fuse is the perfect everyday
beverage to keep your heart healthy.
Known for its tremendous antioxidant content and special enzyme from the Tiger 
Milk Mushroom,
this bubbly health beverage can prevent clots in the blood vessels and smoothens up blood flow to 
the heart.
Even better, Tiger Milk Mushroom may even help pique declining memories as it can promote regeneration 
of neurons!

Eases breathing
With the Tiger Milk Mushroom, the brand new fortified Sparkling Tropical Switchel by Craft and Fuse may be your
antidote to allergic asthma attack!
Regular consumption of this super switchel eases airway obstruction by mucus 
build-up hence diminishes breathing difficulties!

The brand new Sparkling Tropical Switchel, fortified with Tiger Milk Mushroom INDEED does wonders to your health.
It is not a surprise that this super newbie dubbed the next trendy and delicious elixir!

Curious about how the Sparkling Tropical Switchel is made
and fortified with Tiger MilkMushroom?

Let’s take a look below!



Selected tropical super fruits from the top sustainable farms in were harvested.
Tropical fruits to be chosen must undergo thorough scrutiny to ensure that they are just about to ripe and are not spoilt.
Selected tropical super fruits are cleaned and rinsed thoroughly with sterilised water under control temperature.
This is to remove any debris or dirt that may be stuck on the skin and not affect the quality of the fresh fruit.



All the clean tropical fruits will then be sent to a special blender which is sterilised.
Fruits will be blended into a homogenised pulp to aid the infusion and steeping process
The rich blended pulp is then mixed with Stevia for a natural sweetness.
The best grade of Tiger Milk Mushroom essence is added to blend with the rest of the authentic ingredients.
All natural tropical super fruit switchel produced is then carbonated for the delighful fizziness.




The bubbly tropical fruit switchel into the colourful sterilised aluminium bottles. 
All aluminium bottles are properly sealed to prevent explosion due to the pressure from the gassiness.
Each bottle of Sparkling Switchel is then given a specific code that determines the shelf-life and batches
Each aluminium bottle is the checked for the final time to ensure that it is in perfect condition with no dents and damages



Finally, the yummy Sparkling Switchel is all set to be delivered and distributed all over Asia and ready to be enjoyed just like that!
So… is the brand new fortified Sparkling Tropical Switchel safe?


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